Client Experiences

The work of the sex therapists and sex addiction therapists at Center for Healthy Sex makes a difference in the lives of their clients.

“My therapist was exceptional – empathic, supportive and understanding.  I felt supported throughout the entire after-care process.”

- Julia W.

“The art therapy was a break-through.  It seemed to stimulate brain parts that unlocked emotion that I had spent years trying to avoid.  I thought the whole team was excellent.  It was nice to have a variety of personalities and styles, and I got different realizations from each one.”

- Mark T.

“I appreciated the blunt-but-compassionate approach.  Thank you, this is the very first step like this I’ve taken in my 32 years.”

- James Z.

“Recovery is hard work. I tried quitting many times on my own and finally surrendered to accepting help. I recommend CHS for those who are ready to face and heal their pain head-on and live life on life’s terms.”

- Susan K.

“The team at CHS challenged me to take responsibility and stop colluding with my partner’s promiscuity, which was at risk of HIV. With skillful compassion, they made a space for me to heal and become the person I always knew I could be.”

- Amir R.

“My wife caught me in my dishonesty and I came to CHS a broken person. Through tough love, and a lot of deep concern, the therapists helped me save my marriage and recover my life.”

- Ken W.

“I was extremely impressed at the level of inter-communication with my team of therapists.  Every therapist seemed to know what I told the other therapists, so they were always up to speed on my progress.”

- Raphael H.

“My primary therapist was great and listened and made my time at CHS very healing.  I am leaving with a plan specific to my recovery.  I also felt that each therapist made an effort to tailor my therapy to my needs.”

- Michelle D.

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