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The psychotherapists at Center For Healthy Sex are dedicated to providing excellent sex therapy and sex addiction therapy to their clients.

Brenda Kay Beardsley

Brenda Kay Beardsley, MFT, CSAT

Brenda Kay Beardsley is a Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist specializing in treating sex addiction, love addiction and providing support to partner’s of sex addicts … read more.

Rhonda Bernstein

Rhonda Bernstein, LCSW

Rhonda Bernstein is a licensed clinical social worker and Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex.  Rhonda provides individual, couple, group and Intensive therapy services … read more.

Craig Cassidy

Craig Cassidy, MFT

As a Center for Healthy Sex Clinical Associate and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Craig Cassidy brings an array of skills and training … read more.

Dean Buckley

Dean Buckley, MA

Dean Buckley is a Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex, where he facilitates individual, couple and group therapy. Dean’s journey in the field … read more.

Giselle Jones

Giselle Jones, MSW, CSAT-Candidate

Giselle Jones is a Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex treating women, men and couples with sexual, relational and functional issues … read more.

James Bottoms

James Bottoms, MA

James Bottoms has in-depth experience treating drug and alcohol addiction, intimacy disorders, boundaries, negative body image, sexual compulsivity … read more.

Jamye Waxman

Jamye Waxman, MA, M.Ed

Jamye Waxman is a Clinical Associate who specializes in working with issues that pertain to sex therapy, sexual dysfunction, gender, and … read more.

Kenneth George Kennaugh

Kenneth George Kennaugh, MSW, CSAT

Kenny Kennaugh is a Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex specializing in treating male sex addiction and sexual anorexia … read more.

Lisa Palac

Lisa Palac, MFT

Lisa Palac is a Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex. She is committed to helping people discover their highest level of sexual well-being … read more.

Marty Simpson

Marty Simpson, MFT, CSAT, CDWF

Marty Simpson is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and a Certified Daring Way® Facilitator trained in … read more.

Nikki Nolet

Nikki Nolet, MA

Nikki Nolet is a clinical associate at the center for healthy sex. Nikki specializes in working with couples and individuals, in helping them to discover … read more.

Piper Grant


Piper Grant is a Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex. She runs the Woman’s Intimacy Group on Tuesdays. Piper Grant specializes in … read more.


Richard Hupp

Richard Rodney Hupp, MFT

Rick Hupp is a Clinical Associate at CHS specializing in relationships, trauma healing and sex addiction … read more.

Schuyler Ha

Schuyler Ha, MFT, CSAT-Candidate

Schuyler Ha is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who provides tailored psychotherapy and counseling to meet the needs of … read more.

Shereen Hariri

Shereen Priscilla Hariri, MFT, CST

Shereen Hariri is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and specializes in sex therapy in Los Angeles, collaborating with clients to help them … read more.


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