Staff Clinical Associates

The psychotherapists at Center For Healthy Sex are dedicated to providing excellent sex therapy and sex addiction therapy to their clients.

Craig Cassidy

Craig Cassidy, MFT, CSAT

As a Center for Healthy Sex Clinical Associate and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Craig Cassidy brings an array of skills and training … read more.

Jennifer Salierno

Jennifer Salierno, MFT

Jennifer Salierno is a Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex. Jennifer has a passion for helping those struggling with trauma; meeting clients where they are to help alleviate presenting… read more.

Jessica Tiegs, MFT

Jessica Tiegs is a Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex. Her passion is for helping individuals and couples recover from past traumas in order to find one’s unique, authentic sexual expression… read more.

Rhonda Bernstein

Rhonda Bernstein, LCSW

Rhonda Bernstein is a licensed clinical social worker and Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex.  Rhonda provides individual, couple, group and Intensive therapy services … read more.

Robert Mendelsohn

Robert Mendelsohn, MFT

Robert Mendelsohn is a Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex. From 2008 to 2018 he was Clinical Director of the Southern California Counseling Center … read more.

Schuyler Ha

Schuyler Ha, MFT, CSAT

Schuyler Ha, MFT, CSAT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist who provides tailored psychotherapy and counseling to meet the needs of individuals, couples and … read more.

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