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Claudia de Garmo, MFT

Love Addiction Therapist

Claudia de Garmo, MFT, received her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Phillips Graduate Institute in 1996. Claudia plays a key role in the Women’s Intimacy program at CHS. She is a staff therapist at CHS working with love addiction, couples sexual issues and sex addiction. Claudia’s primary focus is with women and sex addiction, women and love addiction, and women’s intimacy issues. Additionally, Claudia works with male and female clients who struggle with sexually compulsive behaviors or love addiction and sees clients in an individual, couple, and group setting. Claudia facilitates the Women’s Intimacy Group, a process group for women to address concerns around sexual and emotional relationships and intimacy. She has extensive experience working with clients who have multiple co-occurring addictions and mental health problems. “As a therapist, I have experienced great fulfillment in helping clients work through issues of depression; grief and loss; anxiety; social discomfort; addiction; relationship conflict/divorce; co-dependence; loneliness; low self-esteem; mid-life crises; and fear of change. My goal is to help clients find ways to live a more fulfilling life while strengthening their ability to withstand life’s inherent challenges.”

Claudia has been a program therapist at Clearview Treatment Programs since 2003 where she works with clients seeking treatment for chemical dependence issues; mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder; personality disorders; trauma issues; self esteem; co-dependence; sex and love addiction; self-injury; and obsessive compulsive behaviors. Claudia provides individual, group, family and couple’s therapy and has facilitated Relationship Skills, Co-Dependence, and Self Esteem Groups at Clearview. She also has a private practice in Westwood, California.

Claudia began her career as a therapist at the Los Angeles Free Clinic, where she worked with clients presenting with a wide range of mental health issues. From 2000 to 2003, Claudia was a staff therapist at Creative Care, a residential treatment facility for acute dual diagnosis patients. There, she provided individual, couples, family, and group therapy. She has participated in various trainings including Treating Addiction in Group Therapy in Santa Monica, California, The DBT Model from Top to Bottom in Venice, California, Innovative Approaches to Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, California, Affect, Attachment, Behavior, & Cognition in Pasadena, California, and Spirituality and Addiction in Brentwood, California. MFC 43083.

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