Michael Pezzullo, MA

Michael Pezzullo is a Clinical Associate at Center for Healthy Sex. His approach to treatment is heavily influenced by object-relations theory and relational interpersonal psychology. He strongly believes that the primary drive of our behavior is the need for human connection, and that our early life experiences create lasting, unconscious templates shaping how we create relationships and how we see ourselves. Rather than simply looking for relief from symptoms such as anxiety or depression, Michael focuses on examining the underlying conflicts that lead to suffering.

Michael holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. He received psychoanalytic training at Valley Community Counseling Clinic, where he treated individuals and couples. He currently facilitates attachment parenting groups with infants at the Early Childhood Development Associates. He has also received specialized training and education in LGBTQ-affirmative psychotherapy and in the treatment of addictive disorders. AMFT #112703. Supervised by Alexandra Katehakis, MFC #36902.

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