Sex Addiction Treatment Training

The sex addiction treatment training program is for those interested in treating sex addiction. This course will be taught by:

SA Training Program Fall 2017

Fall 2018 dates



Classes will take place from 9am – 12 noon on Saturday over 6 weeks.


For registration and inquires please contact The CHS Office at

or call 310-843-9902

$725 for Licensed Professionals

(18 CEU’s for MFT’s & LCSW’s)

$575 for Non-Licensed Associates

Over the course of 6 classes you will gain a comprehensive overview of the following clinical topics:

Week 1: What is Sex Addiction?

  • Definition and etiology of sex addiction

Week 2: Assessment, Diagnosis, Self-Tests

  • Assessment and diagnosis of sex addiction and co-occurring disorders

Week 3: Treatment — Containment and Deconstructing Denial

  • Strategies for implementing effective treatment plans and protocols for sex addiction
  • Common errors to avoid when treating sex addiction

Week 4: Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation

  • Neuropsychobiological processes and attachment styles related to sex addiction

Week 5: Relational Trauma and the Partner

  • Disclosure preparation for the recovering sex addict and partner
  • Effective strategies for couples in recovery

Week 6: Sexuality while in Recovery

  • Strategic reinstatement of healthy sexuality into the life of the recovering sex addict and partner

The CHS Sex Addiction Training Course will be held at our Los Angeles facility and will accommodate a maximum of 14 students. All mental health professionals are welcome!

Testimonials for this Training:

“The class was wonderful! Alex is an amazing instructor!! A lot of wonderful information covered in a manner that people (especially new therapists) can understand. I am so glad that I was able to attend.”

– Sean

“Each class was packed with information! I learned more in this 18 hour course than any of my grad school psychology courses. It was also helpful to illustrate the difference between sex addiction and chemical dependency issues. My only request is to offer more of these courses.”

– Patrick

“The course has been really evocative and generative for me – a really useful vehicle to construct my practice with sex addicts.”

– Mark

“Alex is the perfect presenter for this material. The mix of clinical information and actual case presentation was perfect.”

– Jose

“I learned so much, not only about addiction but couples therapy too!”

– Lyle


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