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6 Day Partner’s Intensive

Center for Healthy Sex offers a unique 6 Day Intensive Program specifically designed for Partners of Sex Addicts, to begin to heal the wounds and trauma which has resulted from their partner’s sexual addiction. In the 6 Day Partner’s Intensive, we focus on helping our clients:

  • Get support for the trauma you have experienced
  • Learn to set appropriate boundaries for safety and healing
  • Keep the focus on your own process and recovery
  • Develop healthier communication skills
  • Create a healing space to access your inner wisdom to decide what’s next in your life

All Intensives are limited to a maximum of 4 clients for more individual attention.

Every session, whether group or individual, is a combination of education and therapy. Participants stay in nearby hotels within walking distance. CHS is located in a pedestrian friendly area adjacent to Beverly Hills. The cost of the program includes a comprehensive initial assessment, the book Facing Heartbreak, and 6 Days of intensive individual and group therapy.

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