11-Day Intensive for Sex Addiction

Eleven days of concentrated, high intensity treatment and cognitive restructuring to stop addictive behaviors.

The 11-Day Intensive for Sex Addiction at Center for Healthy Sex is an in-depth, outpatient sex addiction therapy program. It is intended for individuals who need to stop compulsive sexual patterns that are causing major disruption in their lives.

All Intensives are limited to a maximum of 4 clients for more individual attention.




The 11 Day Intensive offers a higher level of care than is delivered during weekly, individual and group therapy. It’s a great option for individuals who may not require a 30 day in-patient sex rehab program to make important changes in their lives.
IOP Basic Schedule
The Intensive runs all day–from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm–and is facilitated by a team of therapists who give a variety of expert perspectives.  Each one is committed to bringing about a successful recovery. The program includes:

  • individual therapy
  • group therapy
  • experiential therapy
  • art therapy
  • 12-step meetings
  • nightly homework assignments

IOP Pricing

The Intensive is very structured and purposeful. It also includes: several books for sexual recovery, a 100 + page program binder and a written aftercare plan. The focus of week one is to stop all problem behaviors that have become unmanageable such as porn addiction, anonymous or high risk sex, and other severe compulsions. Sexual behavior that has clear negative consequences yet has become very difficult to resist is considered unhealthy. These are the behaviors we help clients stop during the 11 days.

We help clients face the shame, guilt and secrets that are affecting their quality of life and motivating them to change. We offer tools that can help break through patterns of denial through extensive assessment, charting out sexual history and more.  Our task-centered approach was developed by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. The step-work developed by Dr. Carnes has very clear items that can be implemented during a time of pain and confusion. These methods can lead to a high level of personal discovery and healing.

During week two we help you develop a strong plan to stay sober long after the program ends. During the Intensive, we strongly suggest clients stay in nearby structured living homes, which is much better than the isolation of a hotel. Daily homework and extensive work with therapy teams make this a truly intensive experience. The 11-Day Intensive for Sex and Love Addiction is available for both men and women during separate time periods. Spouses and partners of the addict are also encouraged to seek the help of our “partners’ specialist.” A therapy program is available for partners to be reviewed during the intake.


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