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Love Addiction Test

The love addiction test can help you figure out if you suffer from love addiction.  The following 25 questions are designed to be used as a guideline for identifying signs of love addiction. They are not intended to provide a sure-fire method of diagnosis, nor can negative answers to these questions provide absolute assurance that love addiction is not present. Many love addicts have varying patterns which can result in very different ways of approaching and answering these questions. Despite this fact, we have found that short, to-the-point questions can be an effective a tool for self-diagnosis. We understand that the diagnosis of love addiction is a matter that needs to be both very serious and very private. We hope that these questions will prove helpful.

Yes No 1. Have you ever tried to control how often you would see someone romantically?
Yes No 2. Do you ever get “high” from romance, fantasy or intrigue?
Yes No 3. Do you feel desperation or uneasiness when away from your lover or sexual partner?
Yes No 4. Do you believe that a romantic relationship will make your life bearable?
Yes No 5. Are you unable to stop seeing a specific person even though you know that person is destructive to you?
Yes No 6. Do you have difficulty being alone?
Yes No 7. Do you feel that life would have little or no meaning without a love relationship?
Yes No 8. Do you replace ended relationships immediately?
Yes No 9. Do you find that you have a pattern of repeating bad relationships?
Yes No 10. Does attention to your romantic relationships help you to cope with or escape from life’s problems?
Yes No 11. Do you find yourself flirting with or sexualizing someone even if you do not mean to?
Yes No 12. Do you ever find yourself in relationships you are unable to leave?
Yes No 13. Do you feel that you don’t want anyone to know about your sexual or romantic activities?
Yes No 14. Have you had sex with someone so that they will like you better or love you more?
Yes No 15. Do you make promises to yourself concerning your sexual or romantic behavior that you find you cannot follow?
Yes No 16. Do you believe that someone can “fix” you or “make it better”?
Yes No 17. Do you feel that you’re not “really alive” unless you are with your sexual/romantic partner?
Yes No 18. Have you ever threatened your financial stability, reputation, or standing in the community by pursuing a love relationship?
Yes No 19. Do you believe that the problems in your love life result from continuing to remain with the “wrong” person?
Yes No 20. Do you often feel an instant closeness and complete connection with people you just met?
Yes No 21. Do you need to have sex, or “fall in love” in order to feel like a “real man” or a “real woman”?
Yes No 22. Are you unable to concentrate on other areas of your life because of romantic thoughts or feelings you are having about another person?
Yes No 23. Have you ever wished you could stop or control your sexual and romantic activities for a given period of time?
Yes No 24. Do you feel that your life is unmanageable because of your excessive relationship needs?
Yes No 25. Have you ever thought that there might be more you could do with your life if you were not so driven by sexual and romantic pursuits?


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