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Center for Healthy Sex (CHS) is a sex addiction treatment and sex therapy Los Angeles team. Our highly skilled clinicians specialize in a wide spectrum of sexual issues. We have expertise in Sexual Addiction, Sexual Compulsivity, Porn Addiction, Sexual Dysfunction, Sex Therapy and Couples Issues.

Our Sex Addiction Therapists are trained to help clients stop problematic behaviors, develop insight into the underlying causes of the addiction, and develop long-term solutions for healthier sexuality. We utilize the work of Patrick Carnes in individual, group and Intensive therapy. We also refer clients to 12-Step programs such as SLAA and SAA.

Our Sex Therapists specialize in concerns around sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, vaginismus or lack of orgasm. We work with many couples who have different levels of desire, no sex or recovering from the pain of infidelity. We also help men and women process feelings about alternative sexual lifestyles.

Alexandra Katehakis, MFT, CSAT-S, CST-S, Founder and Clinical Director, established Center for Healthy Sex in 2005. Alex was and still is inspired by a quest to discover and define: What is healthy sexuality? What is a healthy relationship? She is inspired by diverse and prolific thinkers including Ken Wilber, Patrick Carnes, David Schnarch, and Allan Schore. Center for Healthy Sex offers individuals and couples more than just relief from pain or a reduction of symptoms. Our ultimate goal is to help people thrive and realize his or her greatest sexual potential.

With an increasing desire for achieving sexual health, CHS greatly expanded its offices in 2009. This growth allowed CHS to offer a wider array of services to both the public and professionals. Ms. Katehakis published Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot, Healthy Sex While in Recovery from Sex Addiction in 2010 and Mirror of Intimacy: Daily Reflections on Emotional and Erotic Intelligence in 2014 as guides for healthy sex beyond one’s initial limitations. With over 16 years of experience treating sexual addiction, porn addiction, sexual dysfunction, sexual anorexia, and love addiction, Ms. Katehakis is well established in the community as an expert on Sexuality, Sexual Addiction, and Intimacy. The Norton Interpersonal Neurobiology Series published Alex’s latest book in 2016, entitled Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation, an innovative guide for clinicians to apply the latest neuroscience and affect regulation theory to the treatment of sex and love addiction.

Utilizing elements of Attachment theory, and Cognitive Behavioral, Somatic, Narrative, and Psychodynamic therapies, Ms. Katehakis and the staff at Center for Healthy Sex are dedicated to assisting sexually addicted or sexually dysfunctional couples and individuals in recovering and revitalizing their sex lives.

Center for Healthy Sex provides individual, couple, and group therapy, as well as 2-week Intensives for sex and love addiction and 1-week Intensives to support partners of sex addicts. Center for Healthy Sex also offers ongoing Professional Trainings related to healthy sexuality as an approved CEU provider by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and AASECT. Sexual issues can affect people from all walks of life. Center for Healthy Sex welcomes people of all diverse backgrounds and identities, including sexual orientation, gender identity, age, race, ethnicity, religion and belief.

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