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Clinical Affiliates

The practitioners listed on this page are former and current Clinical Associates whose work mirrors the quality of that provided at Center for Healthy Sex. The following current and former Clinical Associates have all completed a minimum of 3,000 hours of supervised experience as part of the Center for Healthy Sex therapy team, and this long-term commitment and rigorous training environment has solidified their skills in Sex Therapy.

Brenda Kay Beardsley

Brenda Kay Beardsley, MFT, CSAT

“Brenda Beardsley brings a warm, non-judgmental, easy to connect coaching style to her practice. Those who have difficulty with trust will find her presence disarming and comforting. Brenda’s long term experience working with sex and pornography addiction, as well as helping couples, is paired with an enthusiasm and dedication that helps clients grow and heal.”

~ Alexandra Katehakis


Craig Cassidy, MFT, CSAT

“Craig Cassidy brings warmth, spiritual depth, and direct feedback to his clients creating a safe and trusting environment for healing. Intensely devoted to his work, he excels in assisting clients to make major changes in their lives through creative interventions. Craig’s background in television gives him a primary understanding of the challenges that face those who work in the industry, as well as a knack for using metaphorical language to facilitate growth-promoting experiences in therapy.”

~ Alexandra Katehakis

To visit Craig’s web site, click here.


Greg Woodhill, MFT, CSAT

“Greg Woodhill provides a direct, warm, client-centered approach to therapy, specializing in Internet pornography addiction. His practice blends inner child work, a focus on self-care, and spirituality to provide clients with a variety of resources in their quest to achieve a healthy sex life.”

~ Alexandra Katehakis

To visit Greg’s web site, click here.

Shereen Hariri

Shereen Priscilla Hariri, MFT, CST

“Shereen Hariri is a talented, devoted and passionate practitioner, bringing an open-minded and non-judgmental energy to her therapy. Her experience as a sex therapist and her openness to all sexual styles and interests makes her a fantastic resource for clients who are looking to explore their sexuality. Shereen is LGBTQ friendly and an activist for erotic minorities, providing an accepting and encouraging space. She is an intricate and critical thinker, providing direct and clear support for her clients.”

~ Alexandra Katehakis

To visit Shereen’s web site, click here.