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Addressing Sexuality and Intimacy Issues in People Living with Differences: Disability, Illness, Chronic Pain, & Dwarfism

by Marylou Naccarato PhD Student, Clinical Sexologist, Sexuality Educator and Speaker

Do you have a client who lives with a disability? Is the disability visible or invisible? Is the disability congenital or acquired from an injury/illness? Does it really matter which? Do you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask (but are afraid to)… about sex and disability?

Refine your clinical skills in this comprehensive, informative and entertaining client focused lecture ranging from addressing sensitive issues to practical solutions:

  • Changing Perceptions – client and practitioner
  • Coping Mechanisms – congenital disability vs. disability acquired from an injury/illness
  • Assessment tools and common Sexual/Intimacy challenges
  • Caregiver, family, spouse/partner issues
  • Treatment modalities, techniques, alternative sex positions
  • What do Little People “look” like today?
  • Top products/devices for LP (Little People) and PWD (People with Disabilities)

Friday, September 28th

This lecture took place at Center for Healthy Sex

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