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Interactive webinar with Arie Winograd, MA, LMFT on Face to Face with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

What really is body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)?
The mainstream media, flattered by an image of themselves, have coined the term “body dysmorphia”, referring to someone who is dissatisfied with their appearance. This, however, is a very inaccurate depiction of the profound and visceral torment that individuals with BDD experience. Body dysmorphic disorder is a severe psychiatric condition that can completely alter the trajectory of the sufferer’s life, interfering with all aspects of functioning, most significantly in the realm of interpersonal and intimate relationships. BDD is not vanity. It is not narcissism. In fact, body dysmorphic disorder is the antithesis of both of these. The purpose of this lecture is to allay the myths surrounding this psychiatric condition while providing psychosocial education that accurately describes this complex body image disturbance.

Arie Winograd, MA, LMFT, is the founder and director of the Los Angeles BDD & Body Image Clinic. Having dedicated his entire career to the treatment of body dysmorphic disorder, there are very few mental health providers who have as extensive experience working with the BDD population. In 1998 Mr. Winograd initiated the first body dysmorphic disorder studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. These seminal studies were only the beginning of his many years of working extensively with individuals with BDD. As the author of the book Face to Face with Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Psychotherapy and Clinical Insights, he regularly lectures nationally and internationally on the subject. Mr. Winograd’s formal psychotherapy background includes graduate studies completed at Pepperdine University as well as six years of clinical experience at the UCLA Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Intensive Treatment Program.

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