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6-Day Partner’s Relational Trauma Intensive

Center for Healthy Sex offers a unique 6-Day Intensive Program specifically designed to treat the Relational Trauma and Betrayal of Partners of Sex Addicts, and to begin to heal the wounds and trauma which has resulted from their partner’s sexual addiction. In the 6-Day Partner’s Relational Trauma Intensive, we focus on helping our clients:

  • Get support for the trauma you have experienced
  • Learn to set appropriate boundaries for safety and healing
  • Keep the focus on your own process and recovery
  • Develop healthier communication skills
  • Create a healing space to access your inner wisdom to decide what’s next in your life

All Intensives are limited to a maximum of 4 clients for more individual attention.



Every session, whether group or individual, is a combination of education and therapy. Participants stay in nearby hotels within walking distance. CHS is located in a pedestrian friendly area adjacent to Beverly Hills. The cost of the program includes a comprehensive initial assessment, the book Facing Heartbreak, and 6 Days of intensive individual and group therapy.


Read More about Partner Relational Trauma.

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