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Interactive webinar with author Fallynn Cox, PsyD on How To Use the ACE Questionnaire as an Intervention Tool In Couple Therapy

As a clinician, you cannot step foot outside your home without hearing the words ‘trauma informed’ care, clinician, medicine, law, expert…fill in the blank. Trauma is something we have all been working with since the inception of our careers as mental health practitioners period. It is now the new buzzword. We are getting better and better in our understanding of trauma’s effect on the brain and body, and how to identify and treat trauma.

Enter ACE, a quick 10-item questionnaire that can be used in your clinical practice in a variety of ways. Dr. Fallynn Cox will be discussing how she uses this trauma tool in her clinical practice as both an assessment tool and as an intervention. Come and learn how to add this powerful questionnaire to your trauma-informed toolbox!

About Fallynn

Fallynn Cox, PsyD is a clinical psychologist in private practice. She works with couples and adults who are suffering in their life. During her 20-year career, she has been trained in EFT, EMDR, ISTDP, PACT, DEFT, IPNB, and numerous other letters and modalities. Of course, she is trauma-informed and attachment-based in all of her interventions. She specializes in helping folks that are battling addiction, both process, and chemical. In addition, she loves working with couples and all of their/our complexities.

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