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The Sex Expert webinar series July 14th, 2017, 12 noon (PST)

Jennifer Weeks

Interactive webinar with Jennifer Weeks, Ph.D., LPC, CAADC, CSAT-S, on  What is the Effect of Cybersex on Adolescents?

We are inundated daily with news relating to pornography or sexting and teens. The media portrays the issue in epidemic proportions. How do we separate fact from fiction? Studying the scientific data on the topic, we can start to see the substance through the hype. This presentation will focus on the known effects of internet pornography and sexting on adolescents. How does cybersex effect sexual development? Why do teens sext? What is the relationship between sexting, online pornography use and other high risk behaviors? This presentation will also discuss helping parents talk to children about internet sexuality as well as teaching teens resilience.

Dr. Jennifer Weeks is the founder and director of Sexual Addiction Treatment Services, an out-patient program for out of control sexual behavior.  SATS has two locations and 7 clinicians provide individual, couples and group therapy.  Dr. Weeks has over 12 years experience treating addiction, trauma and addiction, sexual addiction and sexual offenders.  She is a CSAT-S, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a clinical member of ATSA.  In addition to her traditional clinical work, Dr. Weeks provides pre-trial psychosexual evaluations specializing in cybersex offending.  Dr. Weeks is a recognized expert witness in the areas of cybersex offending, sexual offenders and sexual addiction.  She is a recognized expert in 6 Pennsylvania County Courts and with the Federal Government.

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