5-Day Online Sex and Love Addiction Intensive Program Now Accepting Registration

Sex and Love Addiction Online Intensive

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Build a strong foundation for recovery through a 5-day journey of self-discovery.


Currently Accepting Registration

10AM-5PM PST | 30 Hours of Treatment

Cost: $6,500


Center for Healthy Sex offers a one-week, online intensive outpatient program for sex and love addiction issues with concentrated attention on cognitive restructuring to recover from addictive behaviors.  The intensive program provides a strong foundation for recovery through a 5-day journey of self-discovery and provides a roadmap for continued recovery.  The focus of treatment is on:

  • Understanding your cycle of addiction and how you use sex as a drug
  • Excavating the source of your trauma that drives your sexual addiction
  • Replacing distorted thoughts with a healthier belief system
  • Deconstructing the shame and guilt that keeps you out of your integrity
  • Leaving with a solid aftercare plan for ongoing recovery

The Intensive offers a higher level of care than is delivered during weekly, individual, and group therapy. It is a great option for individuals who may be struggling with their recovery process but who do not require an inpatient program to make important changes in their lives.

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