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“Only that day dawns to which we are awake.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

If we metaphorically sleep-walk through life, we miss the abundance, beauty, joy, and wonder life offers. If we sleep-walk through our relationships, we miss the same. Your partner has unique and intricate qualities to show you if you’re awake enough to notice. Rise from your apathy for your partner by calling forth memories of times that were filled with play and joy, and bring those attributes into your relationship and into your sex life today.

When you choose to stir that which has been asleep you may at first feel groggy, like an early-morning riser, not knowing exactly how to orient yourself or find your way. Trust that your senses will awaken one by one, because you’ve chosen to attend to your intention to activate your relationship and sex life.

Daily Healthy Sex Acts:

  • Think about your best sexual experiences with your partner and what made your sex life lively when you first met.
  • Reawaken your sexuality by sharing those memories and suggesting you try some of those things together again.
  • If you’re single, choose to awaken your day by paying close attention to every moment. Experience the sunrise, taste every bite of your food, smell the air, notice details about your co-workers or others walking by. Awaken your experience of your sensuality.


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