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Couples Sex Therapy

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Couples sex therapy addresses problems with arousal, genital functioning, lack of intimacy, sexual satisfaction, and differences in the desire for sex. Sexual problems can leave a couple feeling wounded and stuck. Other couples can’t seem to agree on anything, including sexual issues. Those in constant disagreement often find themselves caught in a cycle of shame and blame. A variety of sexual problems between partners can be alleviated by participating in sex therapy.

Common reasons couples go to sex therapy include:

The process of couple’s sex therapy begins with a thorough assessment. The therapist will ask questions about both partners’ personal, physical, and sexual histories. Sexual history allows the sex therapist to gain insight into each person’s experience. From there, the therapist and couple can begin to explore the heart of the matter.

The goal of sex therapy is to help the couple heal from sexual problems. Our goal is to assist clients in reaching their greatest sexual potential. In sexual-marital therapy, the therapist helps repair communication problems and heals the hurt of the past. Dynamic psychotherapy helps resolve trauma and childhood issues, all of which can shape a relationship and impact the couple.

Much of sex therapy involves looking towards the future for a healthy, fulfilling sex life. If you and your partner choose couples sex therapy in Los Angeles, it will require a willingness to be open, honest, patient and understanding. An open mind and heart helps create a satisfying, long-lasting connection with your partner.

Goals of sex therapy for couples:

  • improving communication about sex
  • reducing co-dependency
  • assisting each partner in developing a solid sense of self
  • gaining clarity about who each partner is
  • deepening intimacy between partners
  • increasing sexual satisfaction for both partners

Sex therapists are typically psychotherapists with advanced specialization in talk therapy methods for sexual health. Sex therapy does not involve any sexual activity between therapist and client. Sex with a client is both unethical and illegal. Progress and change are made through discussion, exploration, and home assignments.

Effective sex therapy enhances integrity, self-esteem and sexual desire between partners. Whether a couple decides to remain together or to separate, an expert sex therapist will help each person have a healthy future.

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