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The Sex Expert webinar series Friday, April 15, 2022, 12 Noon (PACIFIC TIME)

Interactive webinar with Tina Koopersmith, MD, on Eroticism The Secret Sauce to a Well Lived Life & Key to Vitality

Do you know your erotic blueprint and what turns you on? Do you know which of your 4 bodies is “more dominant” and the body through which you access the most pleasure? Do you know how best to evoke PASSION in your INTIMATE relationships with your partner and yourself? And do you know that if you knew what really turned you on—not only would your sex life improve but your VITALITY AND HEALTH would also improve.

COME interact and play with Dr. Koopersmith: gynecologist and intimacy coach. In this webinar Dr. Koopersmith will explore how eroticism is the key to vitality and how your health and wellness is tied to your desires and to your turn-on.

About Tina

Tina Koopersmith, MD is MORE than a physician, she is also a life and relationship coach, an erotic blueprint coach, a mom and a perpetual student. She is dedicated to modifying our health care system from one focused on illness and sickness to one devoted to prevention and wellness. For 30 years as a fertility specialist, she focused on bringing life to her patients and now her focus is on bringing her patients to life.

CHS Guest Webinars take place on Zoom.

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