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The Sex Expert webinar series Friday, May 13, 2022, 12 Noon (PACIFIC TIME)

Interactive webinar with Gabe Deem, on Porn Problems: Addiction, Dysfunction and the Diagnostic Debate

Gabe shares his journey of porn addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunction recovery. His presentation covers porn’s potential negative effects on the user, the science behind the phenomena, and the diagnostic debate surrounding porn addiction.

About Gabe

Gabe Deem, is an international speaker and the founder of, a free, online recovery community to help porn addicts overcome problems related to porn their compulsive porn use.

After recovering from porn addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunction, he has spent years studying the science of addiction and sexual conditioning.

Gabe has presented at West Point in the US and on Capitol Hill about porn’s impact on youth.
He was featured in a TIME Magazine cover story in 2016, and has shared his story with Rolling Stone, MTV and Netflix.

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