5-Day Online Sex and Love Addiction Intensive Program Now Accepting Registration

The Sex Expert webinar series May 21,2021, 12 noon (PST)

Interactive webinar with author Ken Wells, CSAT on Dare to Be Average- Finding Brilliance in the CommonPlace

There is no magic bullet for addiction recovery. The invite to embrace the experience of average is unpopular to most. This presentation will focus on uncovering meaningfulness from the average every day life experience in recovery. We will discuss how to transform average experience into personal brilliance that yields poise, peace and long term sobriety.

About Ken

Ken Wells, CSAT is a senior staff therapist at Psychological Counseling Services in Scottsdale, AZ with over 25 years experience. Ken works primarily with sexual addiction, sexual offending behaviors and family issues. He is the author of the book Dare to Be Average: Finding Brilliance in the Commonplace. His Letters of Clarification Strategy has been published and is utilized to facilitate betrayal trauma around the world. He is a contributing author to two other books and has published numerous professional articles. He writes a twice weekly blog entitled Velvet Steel. He also facilitates six men’s groups around the country focusing on sexual addiction recovery. He was an original member of the founding board for IITAP which developed the foundation of CSAT training and a charter member of the New Hope Educational Foundation, a non-profit that supplies funds for psychological treatment scholarships.

CHS Guest Webinars take place on Zoom.

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