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The Sex Expert webinar series September 18, 2020, 12 noon (PACIFIC TIME)

Interactive webinar with Sam Silverman, AMFT on Boundaries: What Are They and Why is Setting Them So Hard?

This presentation will help you develop your skills in the following areas: knowing what your boundaries are, understanding why to listen to them, learning your boundary strengths, identifying areas for improvement, and planning practical next steps.

About Sam

Sam Silverman, AMFT is a non-binary Marriage and Family Therapy Associate, recovery coach, professional workshop facilitator, trainer, and consultant. They recently began working in private practice after 5 years working in eating disorder, addiction, and mental health treatment. In addition to therapy, Sam has led many professional workshops on a number of subjects including: trans advocacy, queer and trans relationships, identity exploration, LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion, improving communication, and recovery. Most recently, they led a virtual workshop called “Coping in a Pandemic” and co-led a virtual workshop called “Building a Better Relationship with Food and Your Body”. Approaching their work through an inclusive, intersectional lens is incredibly important to them, and they value feedback on how to continue to improve this work. They are passionate about mental health work and empowering others. You can find out more about them as well as additional free resources on mental health topics at

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