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About Love Addiction

Love addiction is compulsively seeking relationships or romance despite negative social, emotional, financial, or physical consequences. We treat love addiction with individual weekly therapy, weekly group therapy, and our 2 Week Intensive. For more information, our intake counselors are available daily and welcome your calls.

Love addicts are sometimes called “serial monogamists” or “relationship addicts.” Love addicts use love, or the pursuit of love, as a way of distracting themselves from uncomfortable feelings or emotions. Love addicts tend to have unrealistic expectations for giving and receiving love.

You may suffer from love addiction if:

  • you tend to become consumed and obsessive
  • you have an inability to focus on or think about anything else
  • you equate love and relationships with self-esteem or self-worth
  • being in love limits your participation in important activities
  • being in a love relationship keeps you from spending time with friends and family
  • you use love as an excuse to avoid creating positive change for yourself
  • your love relationships always lack true intimacy and are often filled with jealousy
  • you become co-dependent quickly
  • you, your partner, or both parties use love as a form of manipulation
  • you confuse sex with love, and offer sex with the hope of receiving love

When a love addict realizes their partner is not perfect, the chase may continue for validation and attention outside the relationship. Seeking validation outside of the relationship may lead to emotional or physical affairs. Love addicts are slow to leave a toxic relationship due to feelings of low self-worth. A love addict becomes fixated on his or her partner and tries to control the partner. A love addict will use sex in an effort to receive what they really crave: emotional intimacy.

Love Addiction and Codependency

Some love addicts get caught in toxic relationships and become codependent. Love addiction and codependency often go hand-in-hand as love addicts will do anything to take care of their partners. Toxic care-taking can be in the form of enabling immature behaviors or “rescuing” in hopes that they will not be abandoned. Love addicts allocate an unbalanced amount of time, attention and value to the person that they are addicted to (i.e., their “qualifier”), and this focus usually has an obsessive quality. It is not uncommon for love addicts to neglect themselves “in service to the relationship.” Self neglect usually leads to resentment and anger, rather than intimacy and harmony.

Love Addiction Therapy

To learn more about our love addiction treatment options or to schedule an appointment at CHS, please call our Intake Counselors at (310) 843-9902.

Love addiction is deeply rooted in a constant need for attention, validation, nurturing, and connection. Love addiction therapy can lead to a deeper awareness regarding the underlying causes of the obsessive needs. Learning about codependent patterns leads to a better understanding of oneself which can lead to improved self esteem and healthier love connections. With a commitment to change, and help from a professional with expertise in treating love addiction, recovery from love addiction is possible.