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The Sex Expert webinar series March 13, 2020, 12 noon (PT)

Interactive webinar with Dr. Catalina Lawsin on Sex After Cancer: How does the “New Normal” Change and How Can Your Sexual Well-Being Adapt

Sexual changes after cancer can impact 40-100% of cancer survivors, particularly amongst those diagnosed with “below the belt” cancers. Unfortunately, most cancer survivors are unaware and unprepared for these sexual changes and are left living with long-term side effects including decreased libido, painful sex, changes to orgasm, and decreased sexual and relationship satisfaction. Fortunately, there are psychological and medicinal strategies that can improve sexual well-being. Unfortunately, there’s a gap between those who need the support and those who actually receive it. This webinar aims to heighten awareness to sexual changes after cancer and offer concrete strategies cancer survivors and their partners can do to improve sexual well-being.

About Catalina

Catalina Lawsin, Ph.D is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who has worked the last 20 years as a clinician, researcher and professor specializing in psycho-oncology. Over the last decade her research and clinical work has focused specifically on addressing sexual concerns after cancer. She has lead multi-disciplinary teams in the US and Australia to develop psychosexual interventions for cancer survivors and their partners that have been tested within cancer centers and cancer support organizations. Dr Lawsin sees clients in her private practice in Beverly Hills as well as online in Chicago and New York to address psychosexual and relationship concerns within the context of complex traumas, including chronic illness, addiction, divorce and recurrent abuse.

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