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The Sex Expert webinar series October 13th, 2017, 12 noon (PST)

Debra Kaplan

Interactive webinar with Debra Kaplan, MA, MBA, LPC, CSAT-S, on  For Love and Money: Exploring Sex, Money and Power in Relationships

Relationship conflicts involving sex and money may be an unavoidable occurrence but become particularly complex and potentially volatile when they involve sexual and financial betrayal. Tensions concerning sexual health and/or sexual addiction may take center stage in relationships, yet studies repeatedly indicate that disagreements about money are by far and away the greatest stressor on a relationship and the strongest predictor for divorce. After closing a successful chapter on Wall Street, Ms. Kaplan merged her fascination with narcissism, power and control with her studies in psychology. For over a decade, Ms. Kaplan has been a licensed psychotherapist author and speaker treating problems related to sex addiction, money, and relationships. Drawing upon her years on Wall Street where power and control are legendary, Debra lends her clinical expertise to successfully treat this potentially complex triumvirate of clinical issues.

Join Debra for this illuminating For Love and Money© webinar. Learn how to connect the dots of sex, money and power, identify your relational currency and create balance in your romantic relationship.

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